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Express Delivery WAY company's specialty is providing a comprehensive range of services to our clients that enable them to effectively do business with various enterprises, firms and companies located in South-East Asia (China, Taiwan, Hong-Kong).

Our specialists will help you to search for goods in China, purchase the goods, file all necessary paperwork, and ship the goods from China. Our company will provide legal and consulting services that may be required in relation to the entire delivery route from China to the destination point.

Our relationship with clients is based on the following main principles: open-mindedness, transparency and honesty. We maintain our standards of the business conduct on a high level, and we have everything we need to do so – highly skilled staff, ample experience of working with the Chinese manufacturers, reliable routes of cargo delivery from China, Taiwan and Hong-Kong.

These advantages have been noted by individual entrepreneur, as well as by the middle-sized and large-sized companies, who are actively engage in trade with Chinese manufacturers. Optimum pricing policies along with the shortest time frame of delivery of goods from China make partnership with Express Delivery WAY a convenient and profitable choice.

Besides that, our company has another important competitive advantage that makes us different from other companies that provide similar services – flexibility in decision-making! We are ready to offer our clients unusual solutions in case of extraordinary situations. Our specialists can rapidly understand the situation, create a strategy that would satisfy all parties, and provide the services in any required quantity of and quality!

Keep in mind that WHITE EAGLE HONG-KONG LTD provides a comprehensive package of services, starting from planning a business trip to China and combined shipment of goods from China to providing legal services in China (registration of companies and trademarks, legal consulting, etc). This is why our company continuously experiences the increases in the volume of the delivered goods, expands the client and supplier base, opens new regional offices.

If you are interested in productive partnership with Chinese manufacturers – contact us, we assure you that the entire capacity of our company will be employed for providing successful solutions to your objectives!

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Nowadays in China there are hundreds and thousands of companies that produce a wide range of goods. If you are unsure about which particular item (manufacturer, model) you are interested in, use any of the search databases of the Chinese goods (Alibaba, EC21, Made-in-China, Global Sources, Baidu). It is absolutely free. The links to these catalogues allow to search for any needed information that is provided in English. Baidu catalogue is translated into English by Google Translate service.

After locating the goods or the product you would need to send these links to your managers with the detailed instructions (about what we would need to do or find out, which questions we would need to find the answers to, the specific information about the goods).

We can also find for you the required goods and an appropriate manufacturer by performing the search from our offices in China, as an alternative to using the internet search systems. The search and the selection of goods by the Chinese managers, performed out of China, is a paid service.

If you already know which product from China you are interested in, or you have a freight shipment that you would need to calculate and send - please fill out the form with the detailed description of the product or the detailed information about the freight.

To calculate the cost of delivery and customs clearance we would need the following information:

  • The location of the factory, market or the store.
  • The name of the product and its detailed description (photo is recommended).
  • The invoice amount.
  • The weight of the product (gross).
  • The volume.
  • Was the freight paid for? If so, on which conditions?

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  • WHITE EAGLE HONG-KONG LTD. осуществляет перевозки грузов из Гонконга в Китай, а также доставку в Китай продуктов питания с таможенной очисткой.

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Доставка и таможенная очистка грузов из Китая


Доставка и таможенная очистка грузов из Китая

Наша компания организует доставку и таможенное оформление грузов из Китая, Гонконга. Возможна морская и авиадоставка контейнерных и сборных грузов.

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Мебельный тур в Китай


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  • Несопоставимый ни с чем выбор мебели любых стилей и направлений.
  • Цены, отличающиеся от средних цен любого локального рынка минимум в 5 раз!